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Tay Hydro FAQ

Common questions regarding Hydro billing.

How can I contact Tay Hydro about issues or questions regarding my account?

Visit our contact information page, and use one of the listed methods to contact us.

Where can I find a list of phone numbers if I want to reach someone at Tay Hydro?

Click here to view our contact information page.

How do I give Tay Hydro feedback?

Send an email to info@tayhydro.com with subject line “Tay Hydro website feedback”.

Why has my Hydro Bill increased?

• Your Hydro Bill could have increased due to any number of reasons. Most often it is due to a change in the amount of power used. Some examples that would increase your consumption would be:
vvv - Supplementary electric heat being used.
vvv - Automobile block heater
vvv - Increase in hot water consumption, addition of a dishwasher, increase in household occupants etc.
vvv - Use of high-consumption items such as those mentioned above will result in higher hydro usage, and vvvvvconsequently an increase on your Hydro Bill.

What is a kilo-watt hour?

It's the unit of electricity that your hydro meter measures and for which we bill you each month. A kilowatt-hour [kWh] is 1,000 watts of electricity used in one hour. That is the equivalent of the power used to light a 100 watt light bulb for ten hours. KWh usually accumulates in fractions. If the 100 watt light bulb is on for one hour that’s one tenth of a kWh. If it’s on for one hour per day for 30 days that’s 30 X 1/10 = 3 kWh. To operate a standard 5,000 watt electric clothes dryer for 12 minutes, 1/5th of an hour would equal 1 kWh. To operate the drier for an hour would use 5 kWh.