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Pre-authorized Payment Plan Options - Residential Customers

Pre-authorized payment: try it and then forget it

Try out a pre-authorized payment plan (PAP) with Newmarket-Tay Power Distribution. If for any reason you dont like the convenience of PAP, tell us and well immediately cancel it for you, no questions asked. What is there to lose (other than the burden of having to remember to pay the hydro bill every month)?

Two choices: equal or actual payments

Its up to you how your bill is paid from your bank account with our plans. The "equal" option withdraws a fixed monthly amount. Twice a year, we review your account and make an adjustment based on the account balance.

If you prefer to pay the exact amount of your bill each month, then our "actual" plan is for you. Well withdraw the exact total of your bill from your account each month on your due date.

Complete the form Pre-authorized payment plan (PAP) options and send it to us. Please attach a void cheque so we can correctly identify the bank account you wish us to debit. And then well enroll you in the pre authorized payment plan of your choice.